Monday, October 24, 2011

Things I do when I have writer’s block

      1.  Obstinately try to get through it (= staring idly at the screen, hands             poised over the keyboard.)
2.  Read what I’ve written from at least seven pages back.
3.  Jump ahead to a scene I know I can actually write.
4.  Reorganise my numerous book-related files.
5.  Sulk.
6.  Make hot chocolate while singing. (Night-time + no one around = added bonus)
7.  Blare a bitta Beyonce and dance like a crazy woman. (My sisters sometimes think I’m moving furniture or repeatedly leaping off my bed.)
8.  Listen to mopey music*.  (Recommended for use with number 5.)
9.  Lie in the dark, in silence, under the covers, and imagine scenes from my book.
10.  Abandon ship and work on another book.
11.  Read a new book. Oddly enough, I find my younger sister’s YA fantasy novels ideal in this situation.
12.  Reread and old favourite. Most often it’s Pride and Prejudice.
13.  Draw my characters.
14.  Go wild with acrylic paint. (Rarely resulting in a work of art, but still.)
15.  Prettify myself and go people-watching/ shopping. Friends optional.
16.  Sprawl on the couch and watch a movie or an episode or ten of one of       my shows**.

*Songs may include At My Most Beautiful-REM, Samson and The Call-Regina Spektor, Stop Crying Your Eyes Out-Oasis, Jar of Hearts-Christina Perri, The Reason-Hoobastank, Fix You-Coldplay, Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol. (I realise these are not overly mopey, but they’re not exactly Shiny Happy People now are they?)

** Shows may include Vampire Diaries (Stefan or Damon, I just don’t know! Both?), Bones (Season 7 Promo had me crying with laughter), Criminal minds (Now that JJ and Prentis are back), Supernatural (Season 7 is disappointing me so far, as much as it pains me to say. CASTIEL! :o), Terra Nova (New show...rawr.)


  1. These are all great. I suffer more from a lack of drive than a block of ideas. In fact, sometimes it's too many ideas that stop me being productive.

    Hope your writing is going well, Ro.

  2. Great post! Your such a good writer.:)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!